01:02:20 Lindley Liberal Club, Huddersfield. (Members only)

16:02:20 Waterloo Bowling Club, Huddersfield. 16:30 Start.
Open to all.
29:02:20 Honley Socialist Club. Open to all.
06:03:20 The Old School house Venue Barnsley.
29:03:20 Rock Cafe, Huddersfield.
04:04:20 Summer Wine Brewery, Honley Huddersfield.
03:05:20 Kings Head, Huddersfield. 16:00 Start.
17:05:20 Almondbury Liberal Club, Huddersfield.
04:07:20 Golcar Con Club, Huddersfield, Open to all.
12:09:20 Netherton Con Club, Huddersfield.
14:11:20 Summer Wine Brewery, Honley, Huddersfield.
22:11:20 Kings Head, Huddersfield.
21:02:21 Almondbury Liberal Club, Huddersfield.